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Scroll through the photos below to see examples of our amenities. Start the day getting ready in our Farmhouse, followed by ceremonies and taking photos around the grounds, and finish the evening with hand-crafted cocktails and a farm-to-table reception.

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Heritage Prairie Farm Grounds

As a working Certified Organic Farm, our grounds are ever-changing with the seasons. In addition to our organic vegetable fields, you'll find lots of various flowers and trees blooming throughout the season, and maybe even spot some of our honey bees!

Whatever the season, the grounds of Heritage Prairie Farm are filled with something beautiful. Strolling through the herb garden is a great way to take in a summer evening while sipping on lemonade or cocktails. Our cocktail lawn overlooks the vegetable fields and provides a stunning visual at sunset.

Take a virtual tour of the grounds throughout the seasons in the gallery below.

Farm To Table Wedding Food

Food & Drink

Food is the heart and soul of every event at Heritage Prairie Farm. From our weddings & events to our Farm Dinners and Pizza Nights, every meal is an experience to remember.

We customize each menu to fit with the seasons and your style, using fresh vegetables directly from the field whenever possible.

You'll also see our greenhouse-grown Microgreens atop many dishes, ensuring you receive top quality ingredients start to finish.

(Learn more about our microgreens & vegetables here.)

Our family-style event service brings your guests together to enjoy an evening full of signature dishes or family favorite recipes.

If food is central to your event, you've come to the right space. Take a tour of past dishes below, such as our ball jar elotes, farm fresh salads, homemade focaccia and whipped honey butter, and a bevy of hand-crafted cocktails.

Food and drink