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Community Supported Agriculture


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We're taking things Back to Basics at Heritage Prairie Farm.

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This summer, we're getting back to basics with our weekly Community Supported Agriculture Boxes. Our new farm manager and farm team have been hard at work planning for the 2021 season, and from June through October, your boxes will be filled with all of your seasonal favorites.


From tomatoes, scallions, and zucchini, to squash, peppers, and beets, your CSA box will be stocked with freshly-harvested and USDA Certified Organic produce and delivered to your door.



When you join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, you are essentially buying a share of the farm. If you want locally-sourced produce direct from the farm and delivered to your door, then CSA Membership is the way to go!


By investing in a CSA Membership, you will experience some of the best food from our USDA Certified Organic farm. We take pride in how we grow our produce and protect the soil by following organic growing methods. It is our top priority to never used any chemicals or practices that harm Mother Nature.



There are lots of reasons to sign up for a CSA:

  • CSA members get 10% off Farm Dinner tickets!

  • Reduce the mileage of your food... We grow, harvest & deliver locally, ensuring your dollars and your food stay within the community!

  • Saves you time! Our USDA Certified Organic veggies are harvested, prepared, boxed, and delivered to your doorstep, saving you time at the store.

  • Branch out your culinary skills with new veggie varieties... we include weekly recipes in our CSA Newsletter and we love to see what you cook with your shares!

  • If you're worried about eating all those veggies, CSA Shares are also great for gifts, or splitting with a friend or neighbor!

  • Too many veggies one week? Share some with a friend, host a summer cookout, or bring them to a block party! Who can say no to some free veggies?

    (or on August 8, you can get festive and sneak a zucchini onto your neighbor's porch. Let's face it, the possibilities for making friends through organic veggies is endless.)

Support local

When you purchase a CSA Share at Heritage Prairie Farm, you are supporting small business within your community which means your dollars are staying local. We emphasize our connection to the community with local partnerships and fundraisers whenever we can.

MAXIMIZE nutrition

Produce starts losing nutrients after it's harvested. Our CSA Boxes are harvested, washed and packed just a few hours before they're sent to you for delivery, which means the produce in your boxes is as nutrient-dense and fresh as it gets.

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better for the planet

By supporting a local farm, your produce doesn't have to travel as far, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your food supply. We are also USDA Certified Organic, meaning we choose to farm with practices that reduce the impact on the land and soil and never use harmful chemicals.

Reduce Waste

When you purchase a CSA Share with Heritage Prairie Farm, we know how much produce to plan for. Rather than harvesting produce that may not be purchased, we are able to tailor our growing plan to suit the needs of our customers. Your support of CSA Programs ensures that vegetables make it to plates to be enjoyed!

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The Summer CSA at Heritage Prairie Farm runs for 18 weeks from June through October.


Check out the photo gallery below to get an idea of the size and variety of each box.


Throughout the season, the items will change based upon seasonality, ensuring you receive produce that has been picked at the height of its freshness.


NEW IN 2021

Microgreens Shares!


Add a microgreens share to maximize your nutritional benefits.


Each microgreens box includes one large (5 oz) clam of Healthy Mix, and a variety of three small (1.25 oz) clams.


Available in single or double shares, or as an add-on to your Produce CSA.

(CSA Members also receive 10% off our monthly Farm Dinners!)



We offer several options to suit your needs:


FULL18:Every Week | $715

FULL9:Every Other Week | $395


Microgreens Single:$630

Microgreens Double:$1116


Delivery is available within a 25 mile radius of the farm. Returning CSA subscribers outside this radius please contact our farm office.