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The Benefits of Local Produce


Eating local produce brings many benefits to your community. When you buy local, it is not only better for the environment, but you also receive higher quality of food and increased variety. If eating healthy and supporting small business are important to you, then you should consider shopping at local farms whenever possible.

One of the primary goals of Heritage Prairie Farm, both through our vegetable production as well as our events, is to provide a truly farm-to-table experience to the community. Through our weddings, farm dinners, & private events, we craft all of our events around the seasonality of the produce and have built a reputation for top quality dining in a family style setting. Join us for an event and see for yourself!

We also truly believe in supporting local. From our brewery partners at farm dinners to participating in farmers markets and selling local goods for online ordering & farm pickup, to our Artisan Craft & Food Fair in November, we try to both be a part of the local community but also support other local businesses.

Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of eating local, USDA certified organic produce from Heritage Prairie Farm.

USDA Certified Organic Farm near Elburn, Illinois

Support local

When you purchase a CSA Share at Heritage Prairie Farm, you are supporting small business within your community which means your dollars are staying local. We emphasize our connection to the community with local partnerships and fundraisers whenever we can.

MAXIMIZE nutrition

Produce starts losing nutrients after it's harvested. Our CSA Boxes are harvested, washed and packed just a few hours before pickup, which means the produce in your boxes is as nutrient-dense and fresh as it gets.

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better for the planet

By supporting a local farm, your produce doesn't have to travel as far, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your food supply. We are also USDA Certified Organic, meaning we choose to farm with practices that reduce the impact on the land and soil and never use harmful chemicals.

Reduce Waste

When you purchase a CSA Share with Heritage Prairie Farm, we know how much produce to plan for. Rather than harvesting produce that may not be purchased, we are able to tailor our growing plan to suit the needs of our customers. Your support of CSA Programs ensures that vegetables make it to plates to be enjoyed!

Organic Microgreens grown in our greenhouses at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois



When you eat local produce, you support small business by keeping the products within the community. Reducing the carbon footprint that it takes to transport your food and vegetables is a great benefit for the environment.

As a USDA Certified Organic farm, Heritage Prairie Farm also uses sustainable organic farming practices to take care of the grounds that we use to farm. You can feel confident in the choice your making when you shop for local food.

Freshly harvested organic produce from Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois


Heritage Prairie Farm began in 2006 with a focus on providing high-quality produce. As a commitment to this mission, we became USDA Certified Organic in 2014. In addition to our growing reputation, we employ a combination of high production, low acreage, four-season growing methods.


Through a system of movable greenhouses, succession plantings, and crop rotation, we extend the growing season to maximize the land’s efficiency. As a result, our efforts to maximize the land’s efficiency means more sustainable local food for our CSA members, Online Market, and many of our local restaurants.


When you support local farms and purchase local foods, you are directly supporting your community farmers.


Our staff lives, works, and eats in the same communities as you and with your support, we are able to keep green spaces in your area. As a four-seasons farm, we farm in the fields and greenhouses throughout the entire year

Local Farmers growing USDA Certified Organic Produce at Heritage Prairie Farm in Elburn, Illinois


At Heritage Prairie Farm, we love to share our delicious organic produce with the community. We appreciate the support of our neighbors across the Fox Valley and beyond! The bounty of our fields is available to you in a number of ways including:

Basket of Locally Grown Organic Produce



As a four-seasons farm, we are able to grow a wide variety of vegetables in our fields and greenhouses throughout all of the seasons. With an emphasis on seasonality, our produce is picked at the peak of freshness and harvested each week.


Unlike most conventional growers, we grow our delicious microgreens in a dedicated greenhouse, filled with abundant sunshine and fresh air, ensuring the best possible quality.


If you would like to try what's in season, order today or visit us at summer markets for produce straight from our fields to your table!

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