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Honey is unique to Heritage Prairie Farm because it is where some of our very first roots began. As our tradition of honey harvesting continues, our amazing bees make their sweet, golden raw honey from millions flowers on and surrounding our Certified Organic Farm.

Through every step of the process, we are grateful for these little pollinators. That is why we harvest our honey in a sustainable “bee-friendly” way, giving our hives the very best chance of surviving the colder months. The farm begins each harvest process by only taking the extra honey from the top of the hives’ boxes called “supers.” As each frame is pulled from the hive, it is carefully inspected for the hive’s better health. Our process is truly conscious of ensuring our bee population flourishes for many more years to come.

Heritage Prairie Farm believes that the best honey comes from healthy and happy bees. We love to share our honey with you too! In addition to raw honey, we offer five different blended or infused honey flavors: Cinnamon Honey, Lavender Honey, Cocoa Honey, Mint Honey, and Pumpkin Pie Spice Honey.

Natural, raw honey contains fructose, glucose, water, nourishing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that may eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells. Explore our Honey Store to view all our honey options!

Shop Honey

Shop Honey

Our online Honey Store is up and running! We are proud to bring you raw honey options like our Honey Bear and Raw Honey Sticks. We also offer infused honey such as cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice, perfect for an extra seasonal flavor!

Shop Honey

Interested in honey for your restaurant or in you specialty food store? Please call or email our Farm Office (630.443.5989) to get wholesale, bulk, and delivery pricing. We happily ship our honey anywhere in the U.S.

Personalized Honey Favors

Our Signature Bron’s Bee Company Honey favors make the perfect gift for any occasion. From wedding favors to gifts, we make customized and personalized honey favors that make a lovely addition to any event.

Contact our Heritage Prairie Farm Team by calling or emailing our Farm Office (630.443.5989) to create the perfect honey favor gift!

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The Buzz About Bees

With Colony Collapse Disorder on the rise and pollinators in the news, many of you have probably heard about why it is so important to protect our bees. So what’s the buzz about our bees? The Heritage Prairie Farm Bee-Friendly Methods have been featured in many articles and news outlets: Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald , Kane County Cronicle.

We hope to further increase the genetic diversity of our bees as well as creating a ”bee-friendly” environment for them through our Certified Organic farming practices.

If you are interested in learning more about our bees, please call or email our Farm Office to schedule a tour.

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