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Must Have Photos: First Look

One of the fun moments of your wedding day is the first look. Whether you choose to have a special moment with your friends, family, or partner, or save the reveal for the aisle, there are so many creative ways to capture a first look moment.

Around the farm, there are beautiful spaces to set the backdrop for your first look. From the orchard to the greenhouse, around the farmhouse or in the barn, you can get creative with where and how you choose to do the big reveal.

Seeing each other for the first time dressed up for your wedding ceremony is a moment filled with anticipation, excitement, and emotion, which makes this one of the must have photos on your wedding day.

Saving the Reveal

Saving the final reveal to your partner for the aisle doesn't mean you can't take a "first look" photo together to look back on. It just takes a bit of creativity! For the couples that save the big reveal for the ceremony, you can instead take a photo together that captures the anticipation without spoiling the surprise.

Your wedding coordinator or photographer can help organize this type of first look moment so that you'll both be in the photo frame without seeing each other.

Try clasping your hands around each side of a structure like the barn wall or a tree. Each of you can stand on one side of a wall where the photographer can capture you both. This way, you can create a beautiful moment together before the ceremony while still saving the actual reveal for the aisle.

Just the Two of Us

If you do choose to have a first look before the ceremony, Heritage Prairie Farm has many spaces to create your special moment.

Some couples have opted for a bright and sunny greenhouse reveal, or a surprise on our farmhouse porch. The best part about the seasonal beauty of an organic farm is that your moment will be uniquely yours!

Pick a favorite farm space and get ready to see the excited look on your partner's face!

Get the Party Into It

Also a fun idea is a first look moment with your wedding party. Brides can get dressed up in our bridal loft and surprise their bridesmaids in the salon or maybe outside in the greenhouse.

And who says the ladies get to have all the fun? Grooms can do a first look with their party as well! Either way, your party is there to support you on your big day, so these first look moments can be a great memory for them to look back on as well.

Take a look at some of the creative First Look moments we've seen at Heritage Prairie Farm in the gallery below!

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Whatever time of year, Heritage Prairie Farm has a beautiful natural backdrop for your outdoor wedding in Chicagoland. We focus on creating truly unique and fully-customizable all-inclusive weddings by providing services like in-house custom design, a wedding coordinator, custom menus and hand-crafted cocktails. Schedule a tour today and start planning your dream wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm!


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