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2022 Wedding Season Trends

We've been hosting all-inclusive weddings & events here at Heritage Prairie Farm for over ten years, and every wedding season seems to have some of its own "flavor" of overall aesthetics.

What we love most about planning weddings at Heritage Prairie Farm is how creative and unique each of our couples is. We love to help you tell your wedding story through our fully customizable menus, catalog of décor & vintage furniture, as well as in-house printed design services.

Our in-house planning & design services will take you from Pinterest mood boards to day-of perfection.

Let's take a look at some of the ideas we're seeing a lot of for 2022 and how a wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm can help bring your ideas to life!

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is having a big moment right now, and if there's something we're known for at Heritage Prairie Farm (other than our farm-to-table food, of course), it's the curated vintage furniture and décor that you'll find inside our farmhouse as well as in use during our events.

Starting at the farmhouse, our front porch will have you feeling at home with rocking chairs and vintage trunks decorating this space.

Once inside, our salon space is decked head to toe in vintage & glam-inspired decor making it the perfect space for portraits. The lounge is also filled with rustic décor perfect for kicking back with friends & family as you get ready.

Throughout the grounds at each event, you'll see plenty of garden party spaces such as our tent lounge, greenhouse, and cocktail lawn.

Vintage hutches throughout the tent provide a great space for your escort card setup or a cards & gifts table. Also available are old wooden doors and other fixtures for hanging table lists and welcome signage.

We work these vintage pieces into the design of your event so that your guests will feel relaxed and welcome everywhere they go.

Bold Colors, or Monochromatic Themes

Color schemes for weddings are truly unique to each couple and help to set the overall tone for your event.

For those that want to bring a fun, vibrant feel to their celebration, bold colors are definitely in style. Spring weddings bring in some welcome color and look stunning against the lush greenery of the farm, whereas fall weddings lend themselves perfectly to an earthy, terracotta feel.

We've seen some bold, bright color palettes in velvet bridesmaids dresses and stunning floral displays.

If you're looking for something a bit more subtle and elegant, picking a monochromatic scheme is the perfect way to tie in your personality to the decorations.

Greenery against whites or neutrals is seemingly eternal, while varied blush tones are a romantic way to bring in some color.

Garden Party

Another buzzword for wedding styles this year is Garden Party or Secret Garden.

With our lush, organic farm fields and romantic herb garden, Heritage Prairie Farm is the perfect venue for this type of aesthetic. We've perfected the garden party vibe, and take it one step further by using produce and herbs straight from the fields in every custom menu served.

Filled with vintage details dotted across the farm grounds, a greenhouse loaded with succulents and garden furniture, and ever-changing native flower and herb beds, our event space is curated to fit your garden party dreams. Check out our dedicated blog about Secret Garden style here.

Embrace Nature & the Seasons

Our main motto at the farm is having an attitude of gratitude, but if we were to choose another, it might be about embracing the seasonal beauty of the outdoors.

Much of our venue space is decorated by Mother Nature, and embracing that seasonality is a major part of our mantra. When booking your event at Heritage Prairie Farm, we hope that you are down for the adventure, too!

We take great care all year to grow delicious, organic vegetables to use in every menu and the goodness of nature ends up on every plate. The pastoral feel and farm-to-table flavors of Heritage Prairie Farm will deepen your connection to the food you eat as you dine amongst the very vegetable fields that were grown for your dinner.

While we do have plenty of cozy, covered spaces in case of rainy weather, the beauty of your day will be unique to your celebration. Plus, those rainy days make for some stunning and romantic photographs! Visit our blog about rainy weddings here.

From start to finish, your wedding celebration will be filled with the hallmarks of the seasons. Watch our farm team water the fields as you get ready, host your ceremony in front of the vegetable rows, sip on cocktails in the herb garden, and enjoy a bonfire after dinner. Sunsets at the farm are truly divine! Whatever month you host your celebration, you'll see signs of the season throughout the property.

Whatever time of year, Heritage Prairie Farm has a beautiful natural backdrop for your outdoor wedding in Chicagoland. We focus on creating truly unique and fully-customizable all-inclusive weddings by providing services like in-house custom design, a wedding coordinator, custom menus and hand-crafted cocktails. Schedule a tour today and start planning your dream wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm!


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