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How can you spot a fake ESA company and what to do about it? - 2022 Guide

A huge increase in the use of an emotional support animal (ESAs) is seen nowadays. As much as this is bringing a positive change, it also raises some concerns regarding the companies which are proposing to issue ESA letter and registrations. Fake companies cannot be confronted in the courts and become a source of nerve-wracking experiences for the people who are deceived by them. Let us discuss the ways through which you spot the fake ESA companies.

Blank letter

Whenever you apply for an ESA letter, the company is restrained to provide you with a blank letter. Always ask the registration company for a blank copy before you purchase an ESA letter. In this way, you can check the validity of the esa letter for housing and become aware of all the requirements. If the company fails to provide it, it could be a fake company.

Residing State of Mental Health Professional

While applying for the ESA letter, do not overlook this point. This could be a huge mistake which can cause you loss afterward. Before purchasing the letter, you must be given a copy of the license of your medical health professional. One should be keen on checking if the therapist is registered in the same state where you live. ADA, ACAA, and FHA are the laws based on federal civil rights but the medical license board is provided to every state in the US. The prescriptions of a medical professional can only be valid when he obtains the license of the state they are practicing in.

Validity of License of Mental Health Professional

After getting ahold of the license, the first step should be to check the validity of the license. It must be up-to-date. Every state has a different procedure for the renewal of the license. You can find a free emotional support animal letter sample available online for a guideline. One should be aware of the laws of the state in which the license is validated.

Medical Health Professional’s Letterhead

The letter will be illegitimate if the form on which it is written does not have an official letterhead or the credentials. Check if your recommendation letter is written on the letterhead of an official medical professional. It could be a trap if it does not fulfill this condition. Information on medical health professionals like name, license type, registration number, and issuance date, the expiration date should be mentioned on the letterhead of every company.

Details About the Emotional Support Animal

The letter should mention the type of ESA in case of the animal which is to be registered, the name and the certification ID number to be valid. If any of the above requirements are missing, one should consider looking for another ESA letter company.

Date of Issuance and Expiration

Every letter must state the issuance and expiration date. The dates should not exceed one year from the original issuance of the letter. If the ESA letter does not provide these requirements, it is invalid and will be considered illegitimate. These things should be listed on the blank copy given to the customer.

Security of Payment Page

For checking the validity of the ESA company, look into the payment page of that company. Their website is the most significant way of spotting its rationality. The Http address must contain a padlock. If it is missing and the Http address is green, the website is a trap for you and the privacy of your bank details will be compromised. For more information, do visit visit

One has to be careful while choosing a company for the registrations of ESA and must be vigilant as many fraud companies have started to register and send fake ESA letters to naïve customers who are unaware of such scams. We have provided you all the means to check validity, so be careful!

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