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How to write articles

Rules for good custom articles (for copywriters)

1. Strictly adhere to the theme of the article. Do not pour "water". Every word, every sentence must add something new to disclose the topic.

2. Build "keywords" into the text so that they look like an integral part of the sentence. Avoid "machine translation" syndrome.

3 Use pay for college essay simple words and sentences, short paragraphs. But don't get carried away! One sentence per paragraph is still overkill 🙂

4. If the text is long, break it into parts and give each a subheading. By the way, you can, and should! - use "keywords".

And, of course, best essays for sale be sure to check the written text. Help catch errors and typos will help speller Word, and someone from home can look at the article and say whether it's easy to read, whether it's clear, what it's about, etc.

How to write articles for blogs and personal websites

In this case, there is more freedom of creativity. At a minimum, you can choose only those topics that are personally interesting to you, and deal with them as deeply as you like.

It is quite appropriate to make even a series of articles, and each doing a detailed analysis of one aspect of the topic or identify links with other issues.

In addition, you can publish personal notes on your personal blog or website - about what is happening in your life or in the lives of your loved ones.

But be careful: an overabundance of purely private information and explicitly amateur photos can scare away the reader. Therefore, it is better to dilute articles about personal life or personal achievements with thematic articles that will be useful to the reader.

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