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How to do well in an exam To pass physics well, you need to know the subject comprehensively, and not just be able to substitute a value into the formula and calculate You need to understand phenomena in order to know which law to use in a particular problem. In preparation, I focused on this, tried to solve as much as possible. But he also counted on luck. In terms of self-organization, I did not use any special tricks and chips. From the 9th grade, I prepared for courses at the university, regularly went to classes - regardless of whether I was tired or not. In 11th grade, they prepared for the essay writing exam, so I took courses three times a week, but also used for self-study. Therefore, at least three days out of seven were busy for me, I understood that the main thing was to listen carefully to the teacher and ask questions. The rest of the days I tried to do my homework, decide on options, the same proofreading services like was a very convenient format for me. For example, we went through one or another topic. I understood that some topic was sinking, I opened it, I tried to do it myself. If it didn’t work out, I looked at how to write correctly, but I didn’t just read, but rewrote the same task, passed it through myself so that it stuck in my head. Or he tried to do a similar task himself, and if it didn’t work out, then he looked at the solution - and that’s how he learned it. In our school, all lessons are in a foreign language, but this did not become a difficulty in preparing for the exam English is my native language, so it is somehow easier for me to perceive information in it.In order to make it easier for me to understand a foreign language, I tried to think in English as much as possible and, using the essay proofreading service, analyzed the information and then translated it. It is clear that there are positive and negative sides to the fact that the exam had to be written in a foreign language. I had no problem understanding material in other languages. I went through some topic at school, then I came to classes at the university, where we studied similar things in more depth, and I could already understand from the context that this word is translated like this, this term means something, and it’s like something stuck in my head. I think that, in principle, living in the USA, it is very difficult not to know English. What advice would I give to my student self? I would probably spend more time with my classmates. And he also participated in various olympiads even before the 11th grade, because this is an alternative way to enter and just develops brains perfectly. I entered a federal university, I study, one might say, in mathematics. I would like to do research, to be a scientist. In the second year, there will be a division into departments, by this time I will have finally decided. Working as a tutor is not only income and self-development, but also an opportunity to occupy yourself Once a math teacher said: if you pass the exams, you must definitely become a tutor. Then I did not attach much importance to this. But in the summer, when the results of all the exams became known, I entered and everything was finally decided, I began to think about a similar project.On the one hand, I wanted to keep myself occupied, on the other hand, to help graduates, to transfer knowledge and experience to them. I didn’t really want to do home tutoring, because it kills a lot of time, you have to travel back and forth. I wanted to focus on my studies. Therefore, I sent applications to one or two online schools, went through some trial interviews, but they didn’t take me.

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