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Raw Honey Sticks


Raw honey sticks are a quick and easy way to take your favorite snack on the go! Pack it in lunches, add it to tea, or simply have a healthy snack ready to go at any moment. Kids love this sweet, delicious treat and you’ll feel great giving them raw honey sticks. Looking for a unique wedding favor or a fantastic gift? Bunch a few honey sticks together to create something special that everyone will enjoy.

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About Our Raw Honey Sticks

Raw honey sticks are a favorite among children and adults alike! They make a great addition to a packed lunch or individualized servings for tea. For on-the-go moms or picky eaters, raw honey is a sweet treat without the guilt. Filled with vitamins and minerals, raw honey is a simple and healthy go-to snack that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

All our raw honey products are crafted with a full sweet flavor of Midwest sun and prairie flowers. Our honey contains fructose, glucose, water, nourishing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that may eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells. Our Honey Sticks are sold individually.

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