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Raw Honey Jug – 3lb


Love to put honey on practically everything? Or do have large baking needs that require this delicious natural sweetener? Our 3lb Raw Honey Jug is full of sweet flavor and Midwest prairie flowers basking in the summer sun. For honey enthusiasts or a large family, a raw honey jug is a perfect option. We also have the 5lb Raw Honey Jug available as a larger size option.


About Our Raw Honey Jug

The raw honey jug is perfect for the honey fanatic who puts honey on everything! Our easy to use jug makes using this natural sweetener great for big and small baking needs. Raw honey never expires, so no worries about when you’ll finish this 3lb jug. Large families use the honey jug for sweetening tea, drizzling on toast, or simply taking a healthy spoonful. Having so much honey readily available will simplify all your honey needs. We also have a 5lb Raw Honey Jug available online.

All our raw honey products are crafted with a full sweet flavor of Midwest sun and prairie flowers. Every honey jug is packed with sweet honey that contains fructose, glucose, water, nourishing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that may eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells.

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