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Raw Honey Bear – 13.5oz


Our raw honey is a classic Midwest favorite that comes in this adorable 13.5oz Honey Bear. Taste the full sweet flavor of prairie flowers with every spoonful. And don’t forget, the raw honey bear makes a great gift idea for honey enthusiasts.

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About Our Raw Honey Bear

The raw honey bear has been apart of the Heritage Prairie Farm tradition from the very beginning. These adorable little bears take a classic approach to everyone’s favorite healthy snack. Filled with some of the best honey in the Midwest, nobody will be able to resist what’s inside this raw honey bear. Add some honey to your tea, use it for baking, or just take a scoop and enjoy! Use raw honey as a sweetener instead of sugar. Honey is a great, healthy alternative to most sugary choices. There’s almost always a way to get a little more honey into every dish. Not to mention, raw honey never expires.

All our raw honey products are crafted with a full sweet flavor of Midwest sun and prairie flowers. Every raw honey bear is packed with sweet honey that contains fructose, glucose, water, nourishing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that may eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells.

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