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Cinnamon Honey Bear – 13.5oz


As one of the most popular infused honey options, our cinnamon honey pairs the sweet taste of prairie flowers with warming cinnamon notes. Our cinnamon honey comes in an adorable 13.5oz honey bear. Give your tea an extra bit of spice or add a spoonful to a favorite holiday recipe.


About Our Cinnamon Honey Bear

Our sweet cinnamon honey is full of hearty notes that blend joyfully with pure, golden honey. Tea and toast? A charming indulgence you will welcome again and again. Honey with Cinnamon also boasts powerful health benefits as it strengthens your immune and digestive systems, your heart and helps in weight loss. . . all with a drowsy swirl of dreamy flavor. Not to mention that our cinnamon honey makes the holiday treat that will last you throughout the entire season.

All our infused honey products are crafted with a full sweet flavor of Midwest sun and prairie flowers. Every infused honey bear, such as the cinnamon honey, is packed with sweet honey that contains fructose, glucose, water, nourishing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that may eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells.

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