Whole Bean


After giving this coffee a try, you might start to think that we are re-inventing coffee as you know it. You would be correct! The Reanimator will slowly bring you back to life with every sip.


A dark roast coffee that comes to us from Chiapas, Mexico and Honduras is quickly gaining popularity amongst Just Coffee fans. It’s known for its earthy aroma and a tart finish that you can’t help but savor. A rich, smoky blend of dark roasted arabica beans with hints of dark chocolate and raisin has brought it to a level of greatness that will have you redefining what a perfect morning looks like. A coffee with a potent flavor profile will be exactly what your coffee palate needs and craves after you get through your bag.

A coffee that’s good no matter how it’s prepared. Bring some life back into your mornings and get yourself a bag of this brilliant dark roast.


Justice From The Grounds Up!

Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Raisin
Suggested brew method: French Press, Siphon

JUST Coffee: Reanimator

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