Whole Bean


When you’re looking for the right bag of coffee from us, we don’t want you to worry if there is too much caffeine or if it will have the taste you’re expecting. With our Half Caff blend, you can put all of your worries to rest.


This medium blend is very unique. It’s a coffee that allows you to meet your goal of cutting down on caffeine without sacrificing the taste you desire. The blend is a mixture of rich, Arabica beans from Colombia and organically-processed decaf beans out of Guatemala. The notes are sweet with hints of chocolate and caramel that will leave your sweet tooth enamored and your coffee palate wishing for one more sip.


Our Half Caff blend was created with you in mind. Our goal was to make a coffee that captures the brilliant taste of freshly roasted beans with just enough caffeine to give you that subtle wakeup call when you need it most. Get yourself a bag and experience the difference today!


Justice From The Grounds Up!


Flavor Notes: Sweet, Chocolate, Caramel

FARM/COOP: Asociación Chajulense Va'l Vaq Quyol
PROCESS: Fully washed, Special sort, CO2 Process
VARIETAL: Caturra, Catimor, Sarchimor, Catuai, Bourbon
ELEVATION: Up to 1,800 meters (5,906 ft.)
HARVEST: October-February
REGION: El Quiché, Guatemala

PROCESS: Fully washed
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica, Castlilo, Mundo Novo, Geisha
ELEVATION: Up to 1,900 meters (6,234 ft.)
HARVEST: June-August

REGION: Popayán, Cauca, Colombia

JUST Coffee: Half Caff