Whole Bean


It’s time to get on up and smell the fresh coffee that’s brewing in the kitchen. Arriba Breakfast Blend will be the wakeup call we all need without the noise and hassle of dealing with the rooster.


A light-roasted and nuanced dark-roasted organic coffee from our farming partners in Colombia and Honduras come together to create a superior breakfast blend. A cup of joe that creates an aromatic environment with sweet, bright and nutty notes that will bring enjoyment back to your mornings without overburdening your palate.


A great tasting coffee doesn’t require you to go out and purchase new brewing equipment in order to enjoy it, but it does require you to be mindful about where it’s coming from. Regardless of how you brew it, we’re confident you’re going to love waking up to your pot of Arriba breakfast blend.


Justice From The Grounds Up!


Flavor Notes: Sweet, Bright, Nutty

PROCESS: Fully washed
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typics, Castlilo, Mundo Novo, Geisha
ELEVATION: Up to 1,900 meters (6,234 ft.)
HARVEST: June-August
REGION: Popayán, Cauca, Colombia

PROCESS: Fully washed
VARIETAL: Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, I-90, Paca
ELEVATION: Up to 1,600 meters (5,250 ft.)
HARVEST: November-April
REGION: Marcala

JUST Coffee: ¡Arriba!