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Must Have Photos: The Dress

A major part of any bride's day is her dress. We've seen so many fun styles here at the farm – from simple satin, to crocheted lace, to full ballroom-style a-lines and everything in between. Whether your bridal style is sleek and simple or done up to the nines, there are endless spaces around the farm for photos of you and your dress so you'll be able to remember every last detail.

The seasonal beauty of the farm lends itself perfectly to highlighting your bridal style. Visit the orchard or herb garden to be framed against a lush green background, or in front of the rustic barn wall for a great textured background. The greenhouse is another gorgeous space filled with flowers & plants, or our vintage styled farmhouse compliments any wedding dress well. You'll find twinkle lights in the barn and greenhouse, and wide open skies for golden sunset shots.

Every inch of the farm grounds is an opportunity for beautiful photos... what will you find on your celebration day?

Whatever time of year, Heritage Prairie Farm has a beautiful natural backdrop for your outdoor wedding in Chicagoland. We focus on creating truly unique and fully-customizable all-inclusive weddings by providing services like in-house custom design, a wedding coordinator, custom menus and hand-crafted cocktails. Schedule a tour today and start planning your dream wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm!


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