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Our Story

From humble beginnings and big dreams, our story started in the soil we go back to every day. Although our farm story continues to flourish, we are proud of our many accomplishments. In just a few years Heritage Prairie Farm went from Certified Naturally Grown to USDA Certified Organic. We are proud to grow our produce in a sustainable and efficient way — always giving back to Mother Nature for giving so much to us.

As we continue our story, it is our hope to continually give back to our community. Whether it’s a wedding or a farm dinner, farm-to-table event or class at the farm, we truly love to share our USDA Certified Organic produce with those around us. Our outdoor wedding venue holds wide acclaim throughout the entire Chicagoland area. The Knot, Wedding Wire, and The Venue Report have all featured the many farm weddings at Heritage Prairie Farm. Our desire to innovate our monthly Farm Dinners leads to many partnerships with local breweries, distilleries, and unique vendors. But, no matter what, the root of every event at Heritage Prairie Farm is our locally grown produce. As the seasons change, so do our customized events according to what is growing on the farm.

Heritage Prairie Farm Jobs

Join Our Farm Team

So, what’s your story? If you are looking to join the Heritage Praire Farm Team, then please send your resume to We are often hiring for a variety of positions in our event and farm departments. For more information and a list of available positions, please visit the Heritage Prairie Farm Jobs Page.

From Our Farm to You

Along with our story and the growth of our vegetables, our Microgreens are another great part of the farm. Unlike most conventionally grown microgreens, ours are grown in organic soil in our greenhouses with plenty of sun. New in 2021, we are offering a Microgreens Subscription Box that ensures a weekly box of microgreens. Available for Farm Store pickup or delivery to select cities, this is the best way to ensure you get a weekly supply of delicious, locally-grown microgreens!

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Locally Grown with Local Support

As a small local farm, Heritage Prairie Farm appreciates the support of our local communities. It is through your support of our programs like Community Supported Agriculture and Microgreens Boxes that we are able to continue bringing organic produce to you through our events, at local restaurants and more.

We hope to see you at an upcoming Farm Dinner or Pizza Night!

Attitude of Gratitude

It is easy to find things to be thankful for here at the farm. Beautiful sunsets, great relationships, healthy produce, and wonderful food are just the beginning of the infinite list of things to be thankful for at Heritage Prairie Farm. In effect, our mission is to make a conscious effort to show our appreciation to those around us and return that kindness to Mother Earth.

Wow Through Service

Wow is such a short, simple word, but it encompasses a lot. Through our Certified Organic Farm and Our Story we differentiate ourselves. Sometimes we do what is a little unconventional and innovative. Through our events services and daily interactions, we always maintain an attitude of going above and beyond what is expected. We seek to wow our customers, our co-workers, our vendors, and our partners.

Create Wealth Through Profits and Growth

At Heritage Prairie Farm we seek to provide opportunities to enrich our employees, communities, our business’ social, family, mental, spiritual, and physical life in addition to their financial life. In the end, by aggressively pursuing growth we ensure that we are always creating the profits to meet our growing goals and needs.

Embrace and Drive Change

A major part of Heritage Prairie Farm is that we are a growing company that is constantly changing. We do not fear change but embrace it enthusiastically. More importantly, to encourage and drive change. We are always planning and preparing for this constant change. Our company is ever evolving and we invite the entire community to take part in our growth.

Do More With Less

We believe in working hard and putting in the extra effort to get things done. Heritage Prairie Farm is continuously innovating as well as making incremental improvements to our farm. As a part of our story, we always strive to make ourselves more efficient and try to figure out how to do something better. We use our mistakes as learning opportunities. Most importantly, we set and exceed our own high standards, constantly raising the bar for competitors and for ourselves.

Promote Health and Wellness

As a Certified Organic Farm and events center, we certainly put an emphasis on nourishing the body, mind, and soul. The farm itself is a beautiful special place that provides an almost magical connection to nature and the world around us. After spending time on the farm for a special event, farm dinner, or trip to the farm store, people leave feeling happier and more fulfilled than when they arrived. As you can see, to complement our farm’s atmosphere we are committed to growing and creating food in our fields and kitchens that is healthy and uplifting to the body.

Pursue Sustainability

We recognize that the key to success for a business like ours is to work with Mother Nature, not against her. By working alongside Mother Nature we can ensure that we produce the best possible products and experiences. Organic farming is at the core of our company. Yet, that is not where our commitment to sustainability ends. Environmental sustainability is a lofty goal that takes commitment over generations to complete, but we are committed to pursuing sustainability through everything we do.

Be Authentic, Transparent, and Act with Integrity

We know that customers put a lot of trust in us every time they step foot on the farm. They trust that the food they buy was grown sustainably and that the weddings they have booked will be the day they have always dreamed of. It’s a trust that we don’t take lightly and is something we are committed to upholding. Our farm and our team is open about how we do things. We do not cut corners or find the easy way out. We do things the right way because it’s the right way to do things. In the end, we are proud of what we do and want everyone to know it.

We are Passionate and Determined

Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward. We value passion, determination, perseverance, and the sense of urgency. Truly, as our story reflects, we are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We don’t take “no” or “that’ll never work” for an answer because if we had, then Heritage Prairie Farm would have never started in the first place. There is excitement in knowing that everyone you work with has a tremendous impact on a larger dream and vision. Without a doubt, you can see that impact day in and day out.

Be Humble

We believe that no matter what happens we should always be respectful of everyone. It is important to celebrate our individual and team successes. We believe in the golden rule, treat others how you would want to be treated. Our team carries themselves with a quiet confidence. This is because, in the long run, character and actions speak for themselves.

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