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Bees are such a blessing. What a joy it is to care for them. It’s how the whole thing got started–Heritage Prairie Farm was born out of love and commitment to bees. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my days as a keeper of the bees… Yesterday could have been one of them. Rainy, windy, very provoked bees (funny, how they don’t like you taking their honey!) and for those of you who don’t often wear a bee suit–when it gets wet and lays flat on your skin, you can feel the prick of a stinger. It doesn’t really “sting” you, but the bee gets her point across.

But instead of what could have been, the day was fabulous. I worked along side another beekeeper who graciously helped me out when I needed it. Together we worked about 25 hives; opening each hive and talking to the bees, admiring their productivity, and trying to gage the health of the queens.

It was delightful. Maybe it takes a special person to love bees or maybe we just become special loving them.

It is appropriate that bees are the beginning of this blog. I hope you will follow it and share in the stories about what fuels the passion for Heritage Prairie Farm.

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