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The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and the temperatures are rising!
What does this mean for honeybees?

It’s that time of year that beekeepers call a ‘honeyflow’ and it signals the beginning of swarm season!

What is a swarm?
Swarming is the honeybee’s natural way of reproducing. When the colony gets overcrowded in the spring, the bees will raise a new queen and the old queen will leave the hive with half the colony in search of a new home.

Bee swarm removal service

Only one in ten swarms will survive to see the next spring. Some get caught in storms, some get sprayed by insecticides, and others take up residence in an unacceptable locations such as the eaves of your house and must be removed.

bee swarm removal

What should you do?
If you see a cloud of bees land in your tree, on your fence, or even on your car and form a football-sized cluster, remember that they tend to be very docile.

Beekeeper Glenn

Give our Heritage Prairie Farm beekeeper, Glenn Mize, a call directly at 630-448-7626 and we will rehome the bees into a safe, dry hive at one of our apiaries. 

Click here to see a video of a swarm removal in one of our apple trees!


Bees perform an essential service to our environment through pollination of plants and the certified organic crops that you know and love from Heritage Prairie Farm. Plus, they produce the delicious honey that we sell in our Farm Store and at Farmers’ Markets! If you have additional questions about swarms or beekeeping, call our office at 630.6443.5989 or send an email to


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