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Organic Pastured Turkeys for the Holiday Season!

The Heritage Prairie Farm Store will continue the tradition of Holiday Turkey Pick-Ups from Mint Creek Farm in the HPF Farm Store this year. In line with the organic values of Heritage Prairie Farm, Mint Creek Farm‘s turkeys are Organic and Pasture Raised. Perfect for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, these turkeys can be purchased by Pre-Order ONLY!

Please visit their website to pre-order your Holiday Turkey from Mint Creek:

When to Pick-Up Your Organic Pastured Turkey:
Saturday, November 17th from 1PM – 4PM
Where to Pick-Up Your Organic Pastured Turkey:
The Heritage Prairie Farm Store
2N308 Brundige Road
Elburn, IL 60119

About Mint Creek Farm:
Mint Creek Farm is a small, local farm in Stelle, IL that raises animals without grains. Their animals, grazing on organic pastures with over 12 different types of native plants, are lean, fit, and healthy. This translates into products high in essential minerals, vitamins, and those hard to get Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.

About Their Thanksgiving Turkeys:
Mint Creek offers three breeds of turkeys this holiday season. All of their birds are raised on Certified-Organic Illinois prairie pasture. No hormones or antibiotics are involved whatsoever. In addition to their pasture foraging, their turkeys’ diets are supplemented with soyfree, Certified-Organic feed, which they mix in small batches on the farm. Their Organic Pastured Turkey is about as real as it gets!

AZTEC BLACK turkeys are an ancient breed of turkey closely related to the domestic turkeys raised by the Aztecs. They have a body type closer to a wild turkey with a smaller breast than the standard White turkeys raised by most turkey farmers. The meat is slightly darker and more juicy and flavorful than that of White turkeys.

WHITE turkeys are the standard American Thanksgiving turkey breed, and we’ve been raising them on pasture since we got our start. We know many of you have treated your friends and family to these gobblers as well, year after year. Continue the tradition and enjoy a mild, delicious White turkey.

BRONZE turkeys are descended from the Pilgrims’ turkeys and have the colorful plumage Thanksgiving turkeys are known for. They are also a delicious Thanksgiving choice with a more traditional body type and a richer flavor than the standard American White turkey.

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