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Backyard Beekeeping Class

(Please note: We will not be having a Backyard Beekeeping class in 2019, but check back with us for future classes!)

As many of our farm fans know, Heritage Prairie Farm has been harvesting honey for local bee enthusiasts since 2006. We offer a variety of raw, blended, and infused honey flavors inside our Farm Store and Online Honey Store. As our tradition of local raw honey harvesting continues, our amazing bees make sweet, golden nectar from millions of flowers surrounding their USDA Certified Organic Farm. 

Continuing this tradition, Heritage Prairie Farm typically offers the Backyard Beekeeping Class in March. It is an interactive, two-part class held over two Saturdays. Students are expected to attend both days of this two-part class. The course covers the basics of beekeeping and everything you will need to know in this dynamic hobby. Throughout the class, students are encouraged to ask questions as they get ready to start their very own backyard hive.

Whether you are a honey expert or just looking to learn a new hobby, our class makes it easy for you to learn the basics of beekeeping. As many of our former students will tell you, this class will get you on track to becoming a beekeeper in your very own backyard!

How To Reserve Your Spot?

We had a fantastic turnout to the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Backyard Beekeeping Classes and we are grateful to everyone who joined us. 2018 marked our third year for this fantastic class, however we unfortunately will not be offering one in 2019. If you are interested in the course, please send an email to for information on future opportunities.

Backyard Beekeeping Class

To everyone who joined us for the third annual beekeeping class, thank you! We hope to bring back this course for next year. Heritage Prairie Farm’s two-part Backyard Beekeeping Class is held in March.

Tools Used at Heritage Prairie Farm's Backyard Beekeeping Class

About the Backyard Beekeeping Class

First of all, this course is both interactive and hands-on. In addition, the class discusses the different kinds of bees, their roles and jobs within the colony, and the lifecycle of a honeybee.

Through hands-on demonstrations, beginning beekeepers will learn about the following key components:

  • Hives
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Apiary Location
  • The Beekeepers Year
  • Challenges Facing Honeybees (including CCD, pests, and disease)
  • What To Do With Honey
  • Resources for Continued Learning
The Beekeeper at the Backyard Beekeeping Class

Why Backyard Beekeeping?

Besides the obvious reasons of more honey and plenty of beeswax, beekeeping is a rewarding hobby for both you and the environment. Consequently with Colony Collapse Disorder on the rise and pollinators in the news, it’s absolutely crucial to maintain sustainable beekeeping practices.

As a result, Heritage Prairie Farm is committed to sustainable beekeeping. We are very happy to pass along our methods to you. The Backyard Beekeeping class is a great way to get started in a new hobby that benefits mother nature.

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