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Our Friends of the Farm

From the hogs to the chickens, our friends of the farm are an important part of what makes our farm so diverse. Both the hogs and the chickens live exclusively on the Red Farm. All the animals enjoy the outdoor air and plenty of room to roam.

The type of hog we currently raise is the Large Black Hog. These animals are big and hearty. Most of all, they love rolling in the mud at the Red Farm. Other animals of the farm include our chickens. The ladies of Heritage Prairie Farm come in quite a large variety! From Brown Ameracuna Chickens to the Rhode Island Red Chickens, Heritage Prairie Farm makes sure that the ladies of the farm have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

On the White Farm, there are no better friends of the farm than our two baby goats, Betty and Martha, and donkey, Chirstaphine. At Pizza Nights and Farm Dinners, everyone enjoys walking up to their pen, meeting them, and, of course, snapping a few photos of the animals. You too are welcome to visit with the adorable animals on the farm.

Where can you find our products?

Our pork products and chicken’s eggs can be found exclusively at The Heritage Prairie Farm Store. You can also purchase eggs by joining our CSA Program.

New to the Farm Store: More HPF Pork Products like ham, bacon, and chops. Learn more about all the new Pork Products in the HPF Farm Store.

Heritage Prairie Farm Chickens


Did you know that all breeds of chickens produce various colored eggs? Like our White Ameracuna chickens produce an egg that is a blue or green color. Whereas our Buff Orpington chickens produce eggs that are light brown with dark specs.

The Ladies of Heritage Prairie Farm:

  • Brown Ameracuna
  • White Ameracuna
  • Red Star
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Buff Orpington
  • Austalorp
  • Wyandotte
Heritage Prairie Farm Large Black Hogs

Large Black Hogs

Our hogs can grow quite large, between 700 – 800 pounds for the males. The Large Black Hog is known primarily for its hardiness and extensive farming history. With their growing popularity, the breed is also known for meat production, especially bacon!

Heritage Prairie Farm Goats and Donkey

Goats & Donkey

Betty and Martha are sisters and everyone’s favorite animals on the farm. They are four years old and you can often spot them doing what they do best. . . climbing!

Our old gal, Christaphine, is the sweetest donkey you will probably ever meet. She loves to eat! If she’s not in her barn, you can most certainly find her snacking away.

  • Heritage Prairie Farm Goats and Donkey
  • Pigs and Chickens Heritage Prairie Farm
  • Kitten Heritage Pairie Farm

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