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Barn Weddings in Chicago Western Suburbs

Barn Weddings in Chicago Western Suburbs

Take an adventure to the country and experience your special barn wedding at Heritage Prairie Farms.

Conveniently located in the countryside of the Chicago Western Suburbs where your dreams connect to rustic beauty. The Chicago Western Suburbs offers spectacular greenery and rolling country hills making for memorable moments to tie the knot and experience an unforgettable barn wedding.

Heritage Prairie Farm is the perfect spot for family and friends to celebrate your special day. The natural beauty and country setting of the Certified Organic Farm coupled with the Rustic Barn and will engage everyone attending your special day.

If you’re seeking the most memorable experience you should contact Heritage Prairie Farm at 630-443-5989 or click on the Contact Us button. We have wedding venue experts standing by to answer all of your questions.

Discover Beauty in a Barn Wedding Venue

The Chicago Western Suburbs is the perfect place to make magnificent memories for your “special day.”

Heritage Prairie Farms offers the sights and sounds of nature and a tranquil atmosphere, making a barn wedding in the Chicago Suburbs a perfect destination. Discover unforgettable natural beauty while Heritage Prairie Farm takes you on your wedding journey. The gorgeous scenery with beautiful landscapes will give you an unforgettable experience to always dream about for years to come.

Make Memories

Couples choose a wedding venue for a picturesque setting with an unforgettable experience to share with family and friends. The Heritage Prairie Farm team creates a warm hospitality experience from start to finish of your event. A barn wedding setting can provide you with timeless photos your mind will playback memories of your charming country celebration.

Heritage Prairie Farm has exactly what you’re looking from country views, exceptional service and a delicious list of farm to table menu items to serve your guests. To start your wedding journey, call us at 630-443-5989 or click on the Contact Us button and we will help answer any questions you have.

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