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Barn Wedding Venue Near Chicago

Barn Wedding Venue Near Chicago

Southern charm is extremely popular amongst today’s wedding themes. Devoting yourself to your spouse in front of your friends and family is a day you will forever remember. Our barn wedding venue is just one of the options you have to choose for that perfect day.

The professionals at Heritage Prairie Farm can help you plan every detail of your barn wedding. We are a wedding venue that specializes in barn weddings. We also work with a variety of vendors to help make your wedding experience delightful. You should call us today at 630-443-5989 or fill out the form on this page to have someone call you back to discuss your details.

Decor for your Barn Wedding Venue

Some may find barn weddings to be challenging to decorate but with the right amount of planning and coordination, your barn venue can be romantically gorgeous. Having the perfect lighting is essential to making your barn wedding romantic. You can use candles to add light. Barn weddings are great for using lanterns or even tall torches too.

The flowers you choose to display at your barn wedding venue, will be important too. Since barns give off a rustic feel, using farm-familiar plants helps aid the rustic charm you’re going for. Grains, hay, autumn leaves are all great examples of rustic style plants.

Every detail is special, all the way down to the table decorations. To add flair to your wedding venue, you may choose bright colors that will help offset the dark wood from the barn. Some places will have picnic tables you can use rather than regular tables to really help achieve that rustic appeal.

Book Your Barn Wedding Venue

There’s no better time to start your wedding planning. Whether you’re looking at in-season or off-season dates, you’ll want to contact us soon and book your wedding venue. Call us at 630-443-5989 or fill out the form on this page and we will help book your beautiful wedding.

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