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Heritage Prairie Farm


Our farm story only began back in 2006. It took just a few short years ago to establish a strong reputation for providing very high quality produce. We first started growing our vegetables in a sustainable, Certified Naturally Grown way. Then Heritage Prairie Farm became USDA Certified Organic in 2014.

We employ a combination of high production, low acreage, four-season growing methods based on techniques developed by Eliot Coleman. Through a system of movable greenhouses, succession plantings, and crop rotation, we extend the growing season to maximize the land’s efficiency. Our efforts to maximize the land’s efficiency means more sustainable local food for our CSA members and Farm Store.

Organic farming has become the most integral part of everything happening on the farm. From local events to weddings, our Certified Organic Farm is at the center of it all.

Heritage Prairie Farm is USDA Certified Organic

The natural beauty of Heritage Prairie Farm is something to see and experience. Our Certified Organic Farm stands out as each season passes. Check out our gallery of photos to see all the many growing parts of HPF.

Heritage Prairie Farm USDA Certified Organic Vegetables


Without a doubt, our vegetables are at the center of our USDA Certified Organic Farm.

Throughout the year we produce the following vegetables including but not limited to: arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, eggplant, fennel, garlic, cilantro, dill, basil, kale, leek, lettuce, melon, onion, pepper, tomatoes, radish, spinach, turnips, and much much more. In addition to seasonal vegetables, we grow specialty produce year-round in heated greenhouses.

We’ll also be hosting our annual plant sale this upcoming spring. Join us for the Spring Plant Sale on April 16th for organic transplants like oregano, beets, spinach, and lettuce. Our Summer Plant Sale will then take place on May 7th & 14th with veggies like peppers, tomatoes, kale, and watermelon.

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As Heritage Prairie Farm continues to grow, so does our animal production.

Next door, the red farm raises both hogs and chickens sustainably for our local community. Our pork products and chicken’s eggs can be found in our Store and at the Wheaton French Market.

Seen by many farm visitors, everyone’s favorite animals are our two goats and lovable donkey. Our two baby goats are known as Martha and Betty. Our donkey is named Christaphine. We welcome you to visit with these adorable animals next time your stop in to visit! Just look behind the store the next time you are picking up your Certified Organic Vegetables.

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Heritage Prairie Farm Animals
Heritage Prairie Farm Local Raw Honey


Our roots began with honey. It’s a beautiful part of our heritage that we continue to honor.

From harvesting throughout the seasons to sharing our honey in the store, we have committed to beekeeping practices that sustain and protect our pollinators. We know that our friendly bee-keeping methods are very important to our local supporters. That is why we have committed ourselves to those practices for many more years to come. All our raw and infused honey can be found online or in our store.

Learn about all the exciting honey news by clicking below!

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These tiny, nutrient dense veggies are the most recent addition to our Certified Organic Farm. Although they may be new, our microgreens are certainly making big headlines.

Unlike many conventional MicroGreens methods, ours are grown in rich, organic soil in our greenhouse. Always harvested by hand, our MicroGreens are then triple washed and Hydro-Cooled to ensure maximum shelf-life and food safety. is your new source for updates and information on USDA Certified Organic Heritage Prairie Farm MicroGreens.

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Heritage Prairie Farm USDA Certified Organic Microgreens
Heritage Prairie Farm Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The Heritage Prairie Farm CSA is one of the best and most convenient ways to enjoy our Certified Organic Vegetables. Not only will you be enjoying all the benefits of organic foods, but joining a CSA means supporting sustainable local food.

Our Community Supported Agriculture runs through three seasonal options: Spring, Summer, and Fall. You can now reserve your CSA spot today!

Community Supported Agriculture builds a sense of community and we invite you to join our stewards of the land.

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Farm Store

Our Heritage Prairie Farm Store is now open for summer hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9AM – 4PM. The Store is filled with organic produce, raw honey, and delicious goodies from local vendors. We feature many milks, cheeses, and eggs inside the store as well.

Our store is anther fantastic way to get your sustainable local food grown directly on our Certified Organic Farm. Lots of our local followers also love that we sell our fresh, farm eggs. Looking for something new to the store? Try our many pork products like bacon, chops, and hams from our very own hogs.

Need a little weekly pick-me-up? We also serve fresh brewed coffee and our signature honey latte.

We welcome you to join us in the store where there is always something new to try!

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Heritage Prairie Farm Store

Everything was spot on!

We wanted to send our gratitude for all that the HPF team did to make our wedding day so incredibly amazing. Everything was spot on from the food and drink to setup and details. All our family and friends keep talking about what a great place. Also, thank you for the personalized cutting board. So unexpected but looks great in our kitchen.

– Jena & Michael Married on the Farm August 15, 2015

Heritage Prairie Farm

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